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Dream.In.Code Podcast - Episode #14

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Today I talked to Caleb Jonasson (also known as calebj here on Dream.In.Code). He mostly talks about his hobby project - the Internet Audio Database. It's still in development, but it follows an interesting concept of presenting musical information in a centralized manner.

You can listen to today's episode here:
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Dream.In.Code Podcast - Christmas Episode

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So winter holidays are almost here, and what can be better on a cold snowy night than a cup of hot chocolate, holiday music and a fresh new episode of the Dream.In.Code podcast. Well, if you are listening to the podcast, then probably music is redundant, but we made sure that there is some appropriate music in the podcast itself.

In this episode,...
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Dream.In.Code Podcast - Episode #12

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Today I had a great opportunity to talk to Ashley Myers, a Software Engineer in Test, about her job at Microsoft and her participating in the massive student software development competition - ImagineCup.

You can listen to it here:
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Dream.In.Code Podcast - Episode #10

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Me (Core) and Andre (Skaggles...
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Dream.In.Code Podcast - Episode #9

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When I was in Redmond, WA for Microsoft PDC 2010, Charlie Kindel, General Program Manager for the Windows Phone 7 ecosystem at Microsoft, agreed to answer a couple of questions about Windows Phone 7. The answers are recorded as the next episode of the Dream.In.Code podcast.

You can listen to it here:
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Podcast feed now public

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People have been asking me if it is possible to stay up-to-date with the latest episodes of the Dream.In.Code quite a few times lately. Not everyone has access to iTunes for various reason (mainly platform restrictions), so there is now a public podcast RSS feed that can be accessed from any modern web browser and/or feed reader.

The feed can be...
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Dream.In.Code Podcast - Episode #6

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In this episode of I (Core) am talking to Glenn Block, Program Manager for the WCF Service Model team at Microsoft...
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Dream.In.Code Podcast - Episode #5

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In this episode of the Dream.In.Code podcast I am talking to CTphpnwb (Chris Toohey) about general software development, programming approaches, frameworks, PHP and code reuse.

You can listen to the podcast directly:
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Dream.In.Code Podcast - Episode #4

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And today we've got a new episode for the Dream.In.Code podcast. I am talking to Dogstopper (Stephen Schwahn) about the preparation for a career in software development, high school programs and tools.

You can listen to the podcast directly:
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Dream.In.Code Podcast - Episode #2

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Staying on pace for our once-a-week podcast, Core and skyhawk133 recorded Episode #2 today! In this weeks episode, Core and skyhawk133 discuss the history of DIC, upcoming features, the new video channel, the caffeine lounge, and more!

Listen to Episode #2:

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