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Submit Your Own Video Tutorials/Screencasts To The Dream.In.Code Video Channel

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Guest Post By Skaggles

Dream.In.Code is now allowing you to submit your tutorials in video form! It's a nice feature that has recently been done and I'm sure most of you have noticed the new orange box on the front page by now. The new Dream.In.Code Video Channel is a feed of recently submitted videos through the Vimeo web service.

In this short 5 minute screen cast I explain how to get your video up and onto the Dream.In.Code Video Channel. We encourage members to participate in this new feature and submit your videos. The same topics are accepted as with normal written tutorials and are not limited to just programming. Submit a video about web site design if you like, or doing a specific task with an OS. It is also worth noting that there is still a moderation process for videos, much like what is used to determine if a tutorial or snippet is valid and of qood quality.

Screencasts are picking up as a great medium for delivering information as screen recording software gets more advanced and easier to use. It provides a more visual approach to tutorials where a viewer can follow along and see in real time what you are doing. Personally, I think this is great and provides another way for the members of Dream.In.Code to create and/or view tutorials.

You can also check out the Dream.In.Code Vimeo group directly at

All the usual rules apply to videos as with written tutorials.

Here's some various screen recording software to check out:

Jing - Windows & Mac
Wink - Windows & Linux
Cankiri - Linux & Others


Camtasia Studio
Microsoft Expression


Capture Fox - Firefox Add-on

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Dogstopper Icon

28 April 2010 - 02:44 PM
Cool! I'm definitely more of a writer, but I might be able to be less shy to make videos.

[email protected] Icon

28 April 2010 - 06:52 PM
Vary Nice! Looking forward to submitting a few vids soon

Skaggles Icon

29 April 2010 - 04:21 PM
I think that a lot of people might find the idea of recording video of their tutoral a little intimidating, as it records your voice as well as mistakes. Of course, you can always edit out the mistakes or pause while you figure things out, but sometimes it's actually good to leave in a few mistakes so that people viewing the video can see the process taken to solving errors.

To be honest, I recorded this video about 8 times before I had one that I felt was good enough.
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