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Kicking the BucketSort in C#

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Ever hear the term "Kicking the bucket"? If not, it is usually used here in North America to mean someone died. Well rest assured I am not going to be whipping out exp...
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A Slice of PI Using the Monte Carlo method In Java

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Everyone loves PI don't they? Cherry, Apple, Blackberry and even Pumpkin is which is one of my all time favorites! Ok, I am not talking about that kind of pie or that geeky guy who called himself PI on Beauty and the Geek (love that show... why? Because I am a geek and wishing I could hook up with hot super model chicks who depend on my...
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Nodes in a Linked List and Binary Trees

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A node... a singular entity found drifting in space. So you throw out the tractor beam and bring it aboard. Safe right? After all, what can a simple node do? Little did you realize that the node, when combined with others, could form an organized group with a singular purpose... TO ASSIMILATE YOU!

Ok, perhaps I am going a bit overboard with...
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Waffle Matrices...Mmmm Where is the Syrup?

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Have you ever sat at the kitchen table where you mom made you a big stack of waffles only to stare at the squares and realize it could be a matrix? Young child programmers do all the time! Heck you might have even written in random numbers using syrup into each square before eating it all up. Skyhawk133 wanted me to make a video on this very...
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Pig Latin Definitive (C++, C#, Java, VB.NET, PHP)

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Igpay atinlay isway oolcay... or so they say in the world of pig latin. A childhood language that was supposed to be "secret" and only the select few would know. Little did we know back then that parents had been speaking that language ever since they were little and no way did we get anything past them. Maybe I shouldn't have called...
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Simple/Basic Password Generation in PHP

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Once in awhile every great programmer just needs a little snippet to get the project moving forward. One great snippet that is really useful is one for generating unique passwords. You could use something like this for assigning a generic password to an account (perhaps for a PHP game) that the user then logins with and changes their password or...
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Rainbow Tables: Taste the Rainbow

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Skittle advocates would blast me for applying their beloved slogan to something as sinister as password cracking. "Down with Martyr2!" or "Lets rip off his head and feed it to the lions! But we don't have lions, ok, feed it to the bin of mutated rats growing a human ear!" The truth of the matter is that...
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Quicksort Definitive (C++, C#, Java, VB.NET, PHP)

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One of the funnest things about being fluent in multiple languages is porting code from one language to another or in my case, porting a piece of code to 6 or 7 languages and allowing any newbie the opportunity to learn algorithms despite their language. It also makes it great to see the differences between languages and some challenges (as we...
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C++ or C#, In the End Does It Even Matter?

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This debate rages on and on and really appears to have no end in sight. Everyone tackles this long winded discussion from a different angle and it even gets into verbal attacks between parties. Some quoting one source while another quoting another source when really people have lost the overall picture that programming is meant to solve......
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Comparators in Java (Prepare to Compare)

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Damn! I just can't get that linkedlist to sort! What did I ever do to deserve this? Why god why!!!!!!! Ok, maybe I am being a bit over dramatic and lets face it, I think I have only gotten to the point where God and I were sharing code frustrations only a few times in my entire life. When code is not...

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