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Dijkstra's Algorithm for C++

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Who doesn't like graph theory? Come on... it is the foundation of all living beings! Ok maybe not but it is still a bit interesting from a theoretical standpoint. Graph theory is the study of graphs and their relationships between points on that graph and their overall collection. It is often made up of vertexes (aka nodes) and the...
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Speaking Mouse to Hunt Down a Popup Menu

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The mouse is one of the most abused input devices on today's computers. Second to maybe the keyboard, it is essential for gathering input from the user. We tell it what to do but what if we stopped a second and had our application listen to it? I mean, REALLY listen to it and not just that listening you do when your favorite show is on TV and...
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DIC Power Inc. - Where We Wire Up Controls in .NET

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Every morning at the crack of dawn Skyhawk133 gets up to the sounds of the rooster crowing and puts on a pot of coffee. He has just enough time to take a shower and grab a quick bite before he is off to the DIC Power company to start the day of powering the worlds programming ideologists. The work day starts as normal where the DIC electricians...
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Lets Blow Bubbles in C++, the Bubble Sorting way!

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Now dip the wand into the soap and take it back out, blow gently and voila! Your integer array is sorted! Wow, only if it was that easy huh? Well it can be with a simple straight forward demonstration of bubblesorting. In this entry I will attempt to quickly show you a simple bubblesort you can do at home and in your own projects. It may...
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Autoloading in PHP 5

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Autoloading is a relatively easy concept to understand in PHP 5, but little is talked about it for the newbie programmer or those who are coming up out of PHP 4. It is part of that large group of functions known as "magic functions" and is responsible for getting around that large block of include/require statements you may see at the...
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Basic opening and reading files in VB.NET

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File opening and reading into a form seems to be a bit of a tricky feat for the beginner VB.NET programmer. Along with all this is the open file dialog which could use some basic understanding as well. How does a beginner create it, configure it and show it to the user ? In this entry we will attempt to put a basic file opening and reading...
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Amortization Definitive (C++, C#, Java, etc)

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Amortization... it is the process of accounting for, and usually decreasing, an amount of money over a period of time. You can amortize a mortgage or various types of loans, and you can amortize assets based on their value and what their value will be in so many periods of time. Many newbies on our boards have asked about this very project as part...
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Parts 1-3 of Product / Inventory Project

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One of the many questions we are asked on a regular basis is help with the Product, DVD, Inventory inheritance style of problem. Where the student is asked to create a Product class as part 1, then create an Inventory class in part2 to manage the products, and lastly asked to inherit from the Product class to make a specialized subclass in part 3....
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Kicking the BucketSort in C#

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Ever hear the term "Kicking the bucket"? If not, it is usually used here in North America to mean someone died. Well rest assured I am not going to be whipping out exp...
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A Slice of PI Using the Monte Carlo method In Java

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Everyone loves PI don't they? Cherry, Apple, Blackberry and even Pumpkin is which is one of my all time favorites! Ok, I am not talking about that kind of pie or that geeky guy who called himself PI on Beauty and the Geek (love that show... why? Because I am a geek and wishing I could hook up with hot super model chicks who depend on my...

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