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Applying Enchantments for PHP RPG Games - One Approach

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So you want to build a PHP game and are just now learning how to do it. You fired up your browser and began searching for various game articles and perhaps you have found very little. What you did find might not explain a flexible way to apply magical spells to units you create. After all, what is an RPG game without enchantments you can cast on...
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Don't Be Afraid To Occasionally Hack

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To hack or not to hack, that is certainly the question! Many programmers who are learning a language tend to follow the structure laid out in a book or provided by a class they took. This is a good thing given that the book/class teaches at least some kind of reasonable coding conventions… which most do. These conventions then tend to be...
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Linear Search for Sorted Lists: My Take

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Ready for another high octane, explosion-filled and death defying episode of the Programming Underground?!?! Sure you are! Today I give my take on a blog article I stumbled across today called "Computer Algorithms: Linear Search in Sorted Lists...
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Inserting Images Into MySQL and Retrieving Them Using PHP

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Welcome to another exciting episode! Today we will be discussing a topic that seems to be a bit of a confusing one for everyone... storing BLOB images in MySQL and then showing them again using PHP. While it is always advised against, we will show you a little demo code for how this can be done and discuss why/why not do this. We will then...
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Barriers of Validation

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Hello once again Dream.In.Coders! Today I want to talk to you about a design decision which involves validating data. Often times newbies build error prone code. This is because they are just learning and lack the experience of proper validation... and lack the experience of being smacked in the face when the code fails on the input of...
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Small High-Low Game Example in Ruby

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Well it has been awhile since I made an entry so I thought I would make one while also answering someone's question. The user named "Cunningham" asked about an example high-low number guessing game to get started with learning Ruby. The game is essentially guessing the random number generated by the computer to see how quick you can...
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Using Hashes To Check If A File Changed in VB.NET

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Once in awhile you may want to check if a file has changed its contents in some way. Perhaps you are monitoring a log file or checking to see if an exe has had a virus mess with it. One way you could do this is by hooking up a FileSystemWatcher object and monitor the file. This might be a good approach for more elaborate programs where you also...
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Introduction to a SkipList Data Structure in Java

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Hello everyone! The other day I was approached by macosxnerd101, a newly minted moderator here at DIC, and asked to contribute to a new thread coming up on Java data structures. Now most of the new programmers here know of the basic data structures like binary trees, arrays, heaps or stacks. Many of these topics I knew would be covered by...
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Login to a Website from Java

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Historically the question "How do I login to a website from X Language?" gets asked from time to time on DIC. The answers to this question has not been the greatest and these questions tend to be largely ignored. I intend to put an end to this for the Java language with a simple example. The answer, while simple, does expect the reader...
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Convert Infix to Postfix in C++

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Remember those pesky equations that baffled you in like 1st grade? Addition and subtraction along with their friends multiplication and division. Hey, you wanted to go play kick ball or chase that girl around the playground... not to hook up with her but to put dirt in her hair. Well, you probably learned to write your equations in infix form like...

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