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An Analogy Is Worth a Thousand Pictures

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The famous saying goes that "a picture is worth a thousand words" but when it comes to software development, an environment where you are expected to communicate with business people, I found the saying "an analogy is worth a thousand pictures" to be more applicable. Probably ever since the invention of the computer, those who...
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The Anatomy of Sliders and Scrollers

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Everywhere you go on the web you see some sort of slider or scrolling widget on the page. You see a lot of them on blogs advertising the latest posts, you see them on event pages showing shots of the audience and speakers and you even see them on software company homepages showing screenshots of the their latest software release. Sure you can get...
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Demo of Twitter Application-Only OAuth Authentication Using Java

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I found that there was little in the way of examples using Application-Only OAuth...
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Transforming Shapes With Java AffineTranform

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You, a retro gamer, are on a new quest to bring back a classic arcade hit to a whole new generation of space faring digital cosmonauts. But it is dangerous out there and you need to show these rookies the dangers of journeying their ships alone in the vastness of space. So you want to create your own game of Asteroids...
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Can Facebook Graph Search Be A Bigger Than Ever Privacy Concern?

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So you have a bunch of friends on Facebook and they know everything about you right? Most likely not. Sure you have some data out there being shared with them, but how many times is someone going to put two and two together to determine if you live in Palo Alto California AND you love puppies? Maybe some, but with Graph search, Facebook’s new...
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Don't Be Afraid To Occasionally Hack

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To hack or not to hack, that is certainly the question! Many programmers who are learning a language tend to follow the structure laid out in a book or provided by a class they took. This is a good thing given that the book/class teaches at least some kind of reasonable coding conventions… which most do. These conventions then tend to be...
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Best Way to Improve Your Code... A Vacation

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The idea of taking a sizable break is bantered around from time to time as coding lore, but does it really work? In my opinion it sure does! Newbies and experts alike underestimate the mind when it comes to problem solving and always wonder what is the fountain of youth when it comes to thinking with code clarity. Those of us who go to work to...
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AJAX Powered Lightbox

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You may or may not have heard about "Lightbox". This script is well known for creating the effect of dimming out a page and showing an element (like a picture or page) in the foreground at full illumination. Against the dark background this makes the element pop as well as disables the background temporarily for the user. The effect is...
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First a Scientist, Then a Programmer.

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Unless you had the bad luck of actually reading my profile, you may not know that despite being a long time programmer I also have a background in natural sciences. I was once tested by the US government in high school, of my own accord, to see my military options if I chose to go down the path. As one of my bigger life mistakes, because I did...
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Writing Color Hex Values to a CSV File in VB.NET

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Here we go again! Another exciting blog entry talking about programming theory. This episode comes by way of a question that appeared on the board today. Someone was looking to pick out colors from an image, convert them to a hex value and write them to a CSV file (comma separated file) for Excel. I put this in the Deep Underground Misc...

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