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Really Simple PHP Login / Logout Script Example

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One of the first scripts people new to PHP (or any server-side scripting really) create is a login and logout form for their site. Often times beginners get a little confused as to all the parts necessary to creating such a thing. So I thought it would be helpful if I showed a really basic and easy to use PHP login / logout script. The script uses...
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Tricks for Getting Around the 'XMLHttpRequest Cannot Load' Security Limitation in JavaScript

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Some number of years ago web browser developers came up with the idea of allowing Javascript to pull data from other sites into a web page on-the-fly. That day AJAX was born! Short for Asynchronous Javascript and XML, this technology provided a mechanism for web pages to change their content without requiring the whole page...
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Using Hashes To Check If A File Changed in VB.NET

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Once in awhile you may want to check if a file has changed its contents in some way. Perhaps you are monitoring a log file or checking to see if an exe has had a virus mess with it. One way you could do this is by hooking up a FileSystemWatcher object and monitor the file. This might be a good approach for more elaborate programs where you also...
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Rainbow Tables: Taste the Rainbow

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Skittle advocates would blast me for applying their beloved slogan to something as sinister as password cracking. "Down with Martyr2!" or "Lets rip off his head and feed it to the lions! But we don't have lions, ok, feed it to the bin of mutated rats growing a human ear!" The truth of the matter is that...
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What is all the "fuzz"ing about?

Icon Leave Comment not the stuff growing on your vegetables in the fridge but the data kind. Data fuzz is rumored to be behind the successful crack of the iPhone in recent months. However, some people in the industry may have not heard of the term "Data fuzz". So in a short entry I will discuss what it is, how it can relate to blackbox testing...
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Inside the World of Ciphers

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Ciphers, a great marvel of mathematics and secrecy. They are the very heart of encryption, but how do we bring this to the world of programming and make some kick ass stuff with them? I had gotten the idea of showing some ciphers through a recent question that had been brought up. So I thought I would throw out some code from the dark corners of...

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