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Quick Tutorial: Building Menus Dynamically With the MenuStrip Control in C#

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One of the easiest ways to build a menu on Winforms is by simply dragging and dropping a MenuStrip control from the toolbox on your form and then go to town filling in menu text and attaching events. Most of the time this is the way to go and works for the majority of programs out there. What we will cover this time around is just a few examples...
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Stash Data Away In Controls With The Tag Property Using VB.NET

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One of the most underutilized properties of any control is a property called "tag". What does it do? Does it cure world hunger? Does it save the planet from annihilation? I would probably say no on both counts, but it does have a bit of a mystique that beginners may not be fully aware of. In design mode of Visual Studio if you select a...
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Function Pointer Basics in C++

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Beginners to C++ programming find the concept of pointers foreign to them. Pointers, and code that manipulates pointers (aka pointer arithmetic), can even be daunting to some of the most seasoned programmers. Pointers in C++ account for a fair share of bugs in programs due to the lack of understanding. So why even use them? Well, besides being the...
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