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Site mods with GreaseMonkey (Old/New)

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While my schooling and especially my honours project have been taking up my time recently, I had an itching to do a little Javascript. While doing so, I rediscovered an old GreaseMonkey script I used to use here to display the profile menu in the right hand column. (I believe snoj, formerly hotsnoj released a similar one as...
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3D Models

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The project has progressed quite well, I can take in a 3D model, normalize it and flatten horizontal and vertical planes.
I have also implemented a minimizing method which eliminates any points which are 100% covered by other points to reduce the size of the rendered model file.

Since there haven't been any comments so far, I anticipate that...
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Honours Project - Update #2

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No real substantial update as of yet, but I thought I would share a couple of pictures, showing the hardware I'm working with:

Original Image:
Image reduced in size

Numbered Parts for those interested:
Image reduced in size
1) Power Button for Power Supply
2) Power Supply that runs the Laser Scanner
3) Laser Scanner
4) Just above is a mess of duct tape and wires rigged together to...
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University 4th Year Honours Project - Update #1

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I'm in the process of beginning my honours project and thought that I would share what I could with you along the way.
*I will not be posting complete code samples as this code is meant to be used with a project my supervisor is working on, but I will share bits and pieces along the way*

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Quit my job

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So I've been pissed with my boss and his boss and generally my whole company for months, my boss on our second meeting claims there are complaints (which he refuses to show me) with my work. I doubt there are complaints, my boss is an idiot and gets paid 2-3X what I make and I don't enjoy my job... not even a little, the problem is every...
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Computer Back Up!

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I have been without a desktop for nearly 3 months, luckily before the power outage which destroyed a little piece of me, I purchased this laptop to which I have been using in order to reach the internet and my programming applications.

Finally received my last piece of hardware today.. of all things the video card, and it is running at a nice 43...
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Seems like forever

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It's only been a few months, but it feels like I've been away forever. The site has changed so much, yet it's still the same :)

I have had a few large jobs in php taking most of my free time lately, and just day to day living is keeping me busier than I had ever imagined it could.
I will be...
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I recently was out of town for a few days rather suddenly due to a death in the family. I needed to be there for my mom, as it was my grandfather who's life we were celebrating.

Just a heads up if anyone finds my posts in the near future to be slightly depressing.
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7 days of madness.

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So after 7 days of madness, driving nearly everyday of it, Christmas is over and I'm back home. Seems like forever, nearly went mad not getting to use a computer for that long :P

It's good to be back.

I will go into detail later on, but right now I feel like doing very little.
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what a week... can't wait till it's over.

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So this week started with 2 exams back to back, as if that wasn't horrible enough, after getting home at 9pm from the second one, i'm met at the door by my gf... every thing's perfect, she's all happy about seeing the present i wrapped under the tree, and she says "I can't believe it, I forgot to get you something". ...
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Sleep, what's that?

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Okay, my last 2 exams are coming up this week and I should finally get a reasonable sleep schedule back, as well as be more prominent here on DIC :)...
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To get back on track

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Seeing as the name of my blog involves the thought of inversion, I thought I would post some new pictures of things i've been learning/practicing in my bboy activities:

form of baby freeze:
Image reduced in size

and a pike, it has other names, but getting the balance and weight issues took me a while, but I'm becoming quite comfortable with this one:
Image reduced in size...
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a big waste of time

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There's nothing worse than spending 4 hours in a lab, to accomplish next to nothing productive, even after writing about 1000 lines of code only to find out the design of the task has changed, and the code you've been working on is no longer necessary...
My new task is fairly simple (i think) it's just lame to spend hours coding and...
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Midterms... ugh

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So this week i have a ridiculous schedule... (this does not include time for class or work)

Saturday: Oceanography Midterm, followed by finishing my Robotics lab
Tuesday: Robotics Midterm, Robotics lab is also due
Wednesday: Software Eng assignment due
Thursday: Psychology Midterm
Friday: Algorithm Analysis assignment due

All while trying to...
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yay OSAP

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happy to get my OSAP finalized, and get some of my money. Now i can afford to eat and pay rent!! Also signed up as an expert on kasamba to make some money in my spare time dealing with computers. it has been a good time so far :)
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