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approved 100% !

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Short and sweet, but my new medication is covered 100% by my parents plan. My first appointment for the IV is next wednesday, I can't wait to start feeling better :)
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jobless... maybe not...

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So i've finally had enough of my job, i'm going to quit the first week of August, typed my 2 weeks letter and printed it. I was starting to feel a little nervous about the financial situation i was voluntarily putting myself in when the phone rings... a job I applied for over a month ago is calling me back about an interview, this is on...
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stress is great isn't it.

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Let me start with the good news as there is little these days.
Told my boss I wasn't going to come in on July 1st and crossed my own name off of the schedule... he said "I don't think it's a problem" and seemed ok with it. The real good news was I got to watch an amazing bboy battle downtown for Canada Day as well as some...
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So i'm gonna freakout...

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Today has been a bad day to say the least, but without ranting too much, the kicker is I've been booked to work on July 1st. Ok no big deal right, i'll miss all the Canada Day stuff, but i need the extra money.... except July 1st is a Sunday this year, which means it's not time and a half, Monday is! So A place where I have...
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Nothing can make you feel old like...

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Just got back from my cousin's wedding this weekend. She's about 3 years younger than I am, and it just makes me feel old. I don't know why i'm still in my 20s so i'm not old, but it's that feeling like... "maybe I should have done this already too... am i old?" kind of feeling. I don't get to see my cousin...
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After completing the base program of encoding a message into a .png file, I am still learning more about file types, and how to manipulate the bytes/bits within them. I have successfully encoded .wav files, using a similar technique, though care not to overwrite the RIFF, fmt, data and other tagged data must be taken in these more complex file...
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Virtual_Machine_OS_Count = 10; queue(3);

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Officially have the following virtual machines running:

DOS 6.22
DOS 7.1
Windows 3.11
Windows 95
Windows 98SE
Windows Workstation NT 4.0
Windows XP
Windows Vista
Knoppix (2003 release)
Kubuntu 6.10

Still deciding on a beryl distro to install, i really want to see it in action, and i have yet to install the actual Ubuntu 6.06, and Debian again.
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Spent the last couple of days adding some operating systems to my virtual PC, so far Knoppix, Kubuntu and Win95 are installed perfectly. The plan is to add:
win Vista
(Beryl) SabayonLinux
and maybe 3.11 if i feel like going through the trouble.

Overall it hasnt' been a huge trouble, the odd glitch here and there with...
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cold, wind, bbq

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well it's fricken cold, but i have the day off and there's no snow on my balcony so bbq day it is. It's heating up as i type, hopefully it isn't too windy and it'll stay lit.
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So... a little change of plans. our school is running debian for my OS course so i figured for now i should too. I have an assignment due and it would be much more convenient to use the same setup. But that's 3 OS on 1 drive, hopefully none corrupt :)
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after a couple hours of partitioning and installing i am once again running XP and Vista, and soon to add Ubuntu 6.06 to the mix. I am busy editing and hacking the crap out of vista to get it up to par with my customized XP, but the process is slow. I will update as i go, including any ground breaking discoveries that i may come across :P
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test(){ return 2; }

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had 2 tests finished, leaving only 1 more to prove my crohn's is the culprit and can justify the expensive medication. Sadly i've missed my break class for 4 weeks now, but i am feeling well enough to workout again so i will be back at it starting next week!!! That's all, just like to say i never knew how much i liked...
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if sick=END then return(-lotsa$)

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after a long wait and a long appointment, i'm back on them bad meds, but they will let me "eat myself well" as it were. Once i am well enough i will be going in for a couple tests to be sure i am ok for the medication (i will be) and i'll start a new $2000 per treatment medication. It's expensive, but it's all...
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So i've been doing homework all freaking day and i'm going crazy. Lame assignments and repetative uselessness have overflowth my brain with nothingness. i thought assignments were supposed to teach you things, let you understand the concepts that you're learning (and i use this loosely) in class?
Worst of all my profs seem to have no...
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well finally back to break dancing class... i hope. My Chron's has been messin' with me something fierce the last few weeks, but so far i think i'm winning. Myself and a couple of buddies are going to be hittin' up a place on wednesday nights where we know the beats is good, hoping to get some new pics for ya'll from...
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