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So the official count is 28hrs awake, and 8 of it working, i don't picture getting much sleep tonight either so my state of awakeness may be severly impared tomorrow, but those are the breaks for having a good time :)
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ankle = new healing();

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Was late for my test, but that just meant i didn't have to wait :)
Aside from that my ankle is getting better, hoping to be back doing toprocks in no time!
Going to stay off it almost completely tomorrow to be sure. Lots of posting and MSC reading.
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switch(density){ default: return 'good'; }

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Going for my bone density test in a few hours, here's hoping it's a good result :)
With all the meds i've been on over the years the docs wanna see if my bones are any weaker for it, thus they can correct it before it's too late!
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include new_freeze.h;

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a more simple freeze, doesn't require any balance points or power arm, just a little flexability:
Image reduced in size
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private BufferedImage two(){ }

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just a couple of quick pics of 2 freezes, they are a little close so you can't see my legs all that well, but here ya go anyway:
Image reduced in size Image reduced in size
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this(null, null, "stupid");

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So, nothing really interesting today, cept for watching Italy win the world cup! (or most of it, when i got home from work)

managed to mangle my ankle at work... was climbing in the rafters looking for some stupid box that some stupid customer wanted, and the only way to get down without breaking what was inside was to jump.... yea... rafters...
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return 1==1;

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Long day at work, but the physical healing process gets faster everyday, and i'm not surprised, (i do have the immune system of approximately 3 people).
I have been routinely straining my elbow, but do to my stubborness i continue well beyond the pain threshold until my wrist collapses from the pressure, lol
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public String pain(String me){ }

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So in a little pain after last night, that was the longest i'd ever gone (~4hrs), but it's worth it. I've been slowly meeting people from different crews and i imagine it will only happen more as i take the classes. Think i should eat some protein and bananas today... that may help with the joint and muscle pain i'm feelin right...
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cout<<"loving bboy";

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went to my first real practice tonight, then was doin the same at a bar downtown. It's soo much fun and i learned sooo much already!
I will be starting a class come fall, with an actual instructor who i met tonight officially.

As a side note, the ladies seem to love the dancing... though that's not what i do it for...
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public void main(String args[]){ }

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Never been a faithful blogger, but that may change with this integration with my other passions of coding and helping others code.

Just finished work, and i have a couple days off, that should give my ample time to do interesting things to post in here, rather than just a ramble to get it started :)

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