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Quit my job

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So I've been pissed with my boss and his boss and generally my whole company for months, my boss on our second meeting claims there are complaints (which he refuses to show me) with my work. I doubt there are complaints, my boss is an idiot and gets paid 2-3X what I make and I don't enjoy my job... not even a little, the problem is every time I do something slightly variant to the companies intention (rules are extremely vague and changed by each boss I have) my boss seems to check up on me. Today he told me my hours were going to be cut almost in half... I haven't made enough to pay rent each month in close to a year so I quit on the spot. When your company shows you little to no respect it's hard to show them any in return.

As an example, I have been with this company for well over a year and I finally got my first company shirt... size XL... I am a medium at largest, so I have no idea who they asked for the sizing, while within the last 6 months I know of at least 2 other employees who have received 2-3 new shirts and have been with the company no longer than myself.

I received no warnings and no information to even suggest anyone was unhappy with my work, to which I was a complete perfectionist despite being completely screwed over from day one.

It's over and I'm relieved, I've considered quitting regularly for many other reasons this was finally the push to do so.

I will begin looking for a job in my field, if I have no luck I may return to a job I had in the past which if nothing else held a respectable position even though the pay sucks, but I know I will be respected more than my last job.

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