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University 4th Year Honours Project - Update #1

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I'm in the process of beginning my honours project and thought that I would share what I could with you along the way.
*I will not be posting complete code samples as this code is meant to be used with a project my supervisor is working on, but I will share bits and pieces along the way*

In short, the project involves the use of a laser scanner and webcam. The laser scanner is used to create a 3D model of an environment, while the webcam obviously takes 2D images. I will be responsible for both building the 3D model and layering the image on top of it as to give perspective of the environment as well as distance information. (Perhaps I will post an example image in the near future to represent the end result idea).

Currently there exists a small java app that my prof was working with which gets a single pulse from the laser scanner and displays it. So my first task will be to extrapolate this usage into building a full model with the use of a phidget servo. I was surprised at how easy it was to get the servo working to be honest.

Java libraries being used outside of the standard installation:
JMF - (Java Media Framework) webcam communication
Java3D - render 3D models
RXTX - Java serial communication (javax.comm libraries are not updated any more and do not work under Vista otherwise I would have used it)
-note that for RXTX to work Java Communications libraries need to be installed as well.

Current Status:
I have image capture code for the webcam, single pulse capture for the laser scanner and movement code for the servo. The trick will be to connect them all in a visually appealing GUI.
*Of course I still need to complete my project proposal so that I can make my work official for my credit.

Sorry, no code today, perhaps in the next update.

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