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a big waste of time

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There's nothing worse than spending 4 hours in a lab, to accomplish next to nothing productive, even after writing about 1000 lines of code only to find out the design of the task has changed, and the code you've been working on is no longer necessary...
My new task is fairly simple (i think) it's just lame to spend hours coding and reading documentation for nothing!

robot programming is great, but the amount of memory available encourages horrible coding techniques... If the code reaches an overall depth of 4 on function or method calls, or 5-6 on loops... the bot resets. It's not smart enough to dump the unneeded memory, this is for standard calls as well... when recursion is involved, some random events will take place... there's just no predicting how it will handle the read/write of memory.

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mattman059 Icon

24 November 2007 - 12:58 PM


There's nothing worse than spending 4 hours in a lab, to accomplish next to nothing productive

I totally agree. I'm not taking anything as in depth as robot programming, but I am in a Digital Devices class and the labs are completely pointless. I am usually able to work on the lab before hand as not to waste my time in lab, but 9 times out of 10 the lab doesnt work for anyone and they just assign only half of it (sometimes less) to be turned in. In my opinion the world of electronics education needs to seriously be redone (including the instructors who teach it) so that people can actually learn something productive from the lab (which is exactly the point of a LAB if i'm correct).

William_Wilson Icon

24 November 2007 - 07:07 PM
Well to be honest the prof i have for this class is the only reason i took it. He is my favorite professor from my entire school career thus far. I'm hoping to work with him on my honors project next year too.
He is reasonable and the labs are not guided, we have tasks to complete and that's about all, this final project we are doing involves a group of 5 or 6 people orchestrating 3 robots at once to complete a single task so it is completely different than anything else we have done all semester.
Essentially I was working on some bluetooth address switching (there are 3 stations which monitor a section of the environment), but we managed to get a java server going, so there is no need to switch addresses, as we can pass the data to to proper client to handle the communication on the computers instead of the robots themselves.
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