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what a week... can't wait till it's over.

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So this week started with 2 exams back to back, as if that wasn't horrible enough, after getting home at 9pm from the second one, i'm met at the door by my gf... every thing's perfect, she's all happy about seeing the present i wrapped under the tree, and she says "I can't believe it, I forgot to get you something". It's a week to Christmas at this point, true or not it's not exactly what I wanted to hear after the most stressful 10 hours of my year, it gets worse, but I don't feel the need to bore anyone else with the details.
Basically I was made to feel like the bad guy for getting my gf a gift (which I can't afford mind you), and it's not even Christmas yet! Now if she gets me anything (come to think of it, i've been with her over a year and can't recall a single gift from her) I know it won't exactly be meaningful, if she doesn't i'm sure i'll be the bad guy yet again.
Then today I went to work where I was supposed to receive a half order, because it's Christmas time, to discover the half I did get... is 100X larger than usual.. thanks.
Traveled across the city to my second job where... there is no order! I'm supposed to get an order on Thursday because the delivery company is on holidays tomorrow, but no... they've decided to deliver it tomorrow and just not tell anyone... again, thanks. I call my boss and what-not my work will be covered so that I can leave tomorrow as planned, but I will not be getting paid the money, I kinda need right now. On top of that they hire me to do audits and other crap while I'm at these locations and I haven't been paid a dime for them in 2 months.
If I get a ticket tomorrow while I'm driving home, I may actually need to hospitalize someone.... i fear next week will not be any better.. after the guilt trip i've lived through the last month about not spending enough time with the gf family... it's not my fault they don't come to visit and my family does...

Ok, now i'm just bitching because I can, so i'll cut it off here.

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Programmist Icon

20 December 2007 - 01:29 PM
Man, I'm sorry to hear that. Since I don't know you/her I can't say much, although if you've become the "bad guy" for buying a gift, then there is some manipulation going on somewhere (women are good at it - no offense ladies, but you know it's true. ;)). Geez. In my experience, women do different things to show you they care (aside from $*x ;) ). Some give gifts. Some don't. But after a year, I'd think there should be something. I've had (<= 1yr) girlfriends cook me dinner, buy me flowers, get me little gag gifts, chocolates, coffee, even had one who house sat for me while I was out of town and when I got home she had detailed and washed my car and cleaned/organized my apartment. My wife does little things like this. She cuts out newspaper articles she knows I like. If she's at a potluck, she'll often grab an extra cookie or something that she knows I'd like. She also picks up my shoes fairly often, to her dismay. :) So, it doesn't have to be anything huge. Does she do anything like this?

William_Wilson Icon

27 December 2007 - 11:43 AM
you're right, not all gifts are so easily seen. It wasn't really a huge deal, I love her anyway :)
I probably only acted out because of how pissed i was a work :P

She did get me a gift, and I'm glad she did (book from my childhood)

You have a great view on your relationships programmist, I hope I am that way someday as well.

Programmist Icon

06 January 2008 - 12:50 PM

William_Wilson, on 27 Dec, 2007 - 12:43 PM, said:

You have a great view on your relationships programmist, I hope I am that way someday as well.

LOL. It's called years of experience (not all good ones). ;)
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