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Creating WordPress Plugin - attention to $_POST

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I'm currently working on a WordPress Plugin which also writes to the MySQL Database, using the $wpdb-class, prevented by the WordPress Plugin-API.

I came up with some strange behavior doing that:
I used the $wpdb->prepare()...
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Calling a Java-Class from the Terminal

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Lately, I played around with some Socket-Connection based Server things in Java. The Server Class I wrote was without any GUI things (e.g. Swing/AWT) just for the Console (using System.out.println() for reporting).

So I wanted to call the Class but i only got this from my Terminal:
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HTML Valid - Generating a valid HTML base frame

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If you ever made a website, you know this: Every HTML Page needs a valid base frame.

Creating a template with the base frame and always copying it is one possibility to handle this. But I wanted it faster. So I made this little Tool:

HTML Valid is a small HTML generator which only generates the base frame of an HTML document. You can...
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