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Today 12/28/2007

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So I guess a good way to start off my blog is to talk a little about myself. I dont really like talking to much about myself since I find my day to be pretty normal. But I figure I need to give you all a little back round.

To start I am 18 and live about 30min outside DC in Maryland. I currently am on winter break but during the spring and fall I go to school at the local community college studying in Information Systems. I will be transferring from the community college in 2 years to the University of Maryland to finish my studies and get my degree. When I am not at school I am working for the local goverment as a level 2 help desk technician supporting around 400 users. Its a pretty decent job even know their are some bad days but that is just about with every job. When I am not working or at school I am either hanging out, coding, play video games, or play indoor soccer for a local league.

For programming I am new to it all with myself just finishing up a semester of intro to C++. I got a A in the class (dont understand how you would get anything lower) and I have had a lot of fun learning more on my own. Next semester I take object originated programming which should be interesting and challenging since I will be expanding on my current knowledge.

Besides that I think my life is pretty normal and not really that interesting. I am hoping to focus my blog more on computer and networking related topics along with some C++ programming. Feel free to leave comments about anything and also leave messages if you want some more information on what I post up. Also feel free to correct my spelling (i am not the best at spelling and grammar :) ).

But yeah thanks for reading and look forward to seeing people comments.

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