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New Control, Based off an idea gained from VS2010.

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I have been working on and have completed a control that will act as a bench mark timer for set processes. I wrote it for a program I have been writing, and have decided to release the current version's OCX, and source code.

How to use the control:
There are a few items that are necessary to point out, the code follows, starting the timer, a few minor changes, and stopping the timer, printing the results in a label...

'The main thing to know about the control is that it will adjust its size based on what is printed, be ready for that'

DiagTimerVB61.Start 'Starts the diag Timer control.'
DiagTimerVB61.Caption= "Loading " 'Is the primary caption for the control, I have given a small buffer, Remember to add a space at the end, It makes things look nicer.'
DiagTimerVB61.DTToolTip= "Some Tool Tip Text" 'Two things, If left empty this will default to print the results of the timer, second, the "tooltiptext" property is not valid, and will not do anything.'
DiagTimerVB61.ViewIndicator= True '(Default True) this displays a small status indicator in the control, it will either show the status indicator (Green is ok, Red is processing) Or whether to hide it... Remember the control will automatically adjust to what is being done'
DiagTimerVB61.StopDT 'Stops the timer and prints the results.'

That is pretty much the current features of this version, I will likely in time update to allow "Logging" of the DiagTimer results. Instructions on how to install and implement use of the DiagTimerVB6.OCX control:

Download and unzip the files.
Run Batch file to copy to the windows folder and register the file.
--IN the VB6 IDE--
Right click in the tool box menu, Select Add componant.
Scroll down until you see the following: DiagTimerVB6 , The ocx file name will be c:\windows\System32\DiagTimer.OCX
When you have done this, you should see a little clock in the tool box, This is the control...
Double click the clock icon to add a copy of the control to your form.
For each procedure that you wish to bench mark, modify and put the following code in your subs/functions/ whatever...:
'Procedure header'
'code to bench mark...'
'I recommend that you change the caption to something descriptive...'
{controlname}.Caption = "I Loaded In "
'Procedure Close'

If you have issues with this control, Support can be found at, Or by commenting here, If you make modifications and they work to make the control better, Please send me a copy and i will update the download.

Jesse Fender

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