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Legend Of the Raging Dragon

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So yeah I've sort of picked a name as the title would indicate. Here's what I've been brainstorming about the project so far.

Initially it's going to be a single player only game. Though, in the future I think I'd like it to upload data to a mysql or postgresql database and a have a web front-end so that people can view each...
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First project

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So I'm working on learning C#, and I thought what better way to learn than to make something? My first project will be a simple game, I'm going to build on it over time. The eventual end result will be a text-based game that pays homage to one of my most favorite games of all times, Legend of the Red Dragon or LORD as it was known back in...
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Some might say I'm an idiot, some might say a genius.. Only time will tell. I am currently employed in a decent job as a Network Administrator, yet I've always had this secretive deep passion to do something else. I've always wanted in my heart to be a programmer.

After high school, I wasn't exactly the college type. I wanted to...
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