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Some might say I'm an idiot, some might say a genius.. Only time will tell. I am currently employed in a decent job as a Network Administrator, yet I've always had this secretive deep passion to do something else. I've always wanted in my heart to be a programmer.

After high school, I wasn't exactly the college type. I wanted to have fun, find a job and just chill. Unfortunately, I had some "issues". Eventually, I got my act cleaned up and weaseled my way into a job building a website for a small "Mom and Pop" computer store called Byte4Byte. This was my first introduction to programming, and well I LOVED it. Now I know you all will say it's not even programming, and you are right. But I had fun, which is all that mattered to me. From here I learned to build and repair PCs, went from one job to another picking up skills in LANs and WANS, Active Directory, Unix, etc... But deep down, I knew I wanted to be a programmer.

That brings us to the here and now. 15 years later, I signed myself up in college so I can switch careers. Why programming? Because you get to create, to solve problems, to build. I love to create, whether it is cooking or woodworking. Problems with the plumbing or electrical? Not a biggie, I can do it. I live for it.

Will this pan out? Yep. It's a big risk at this point in my life, but I think the risk is worth it.

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21 October 2010 - 03:50 PM
I did this a couple of years ago. Spent 10 years being various types of systems admin or support guy, always wanted to be a programmer. No regrets, except the coffee isn't as good.

Good luck :)
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