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Legend Of the Raging Dragon

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So yeah I've sort of picked a name as the title would indicate. Here's what I've been brainstorming about the project so far.

Initially it's going to be a single player only game. Though, in the future I think I'd like it to upload data to a mysql or postgresql database and a have a web front-end so that people can view each others progress.

There will be 3 classes to start: Warrior, Mage and Thief.

The Warrior will obviously be a defensive sort of class. He will have more armor, but will not be able to do as much damage as the mage or thief can. Warriors will have a choice between 3 power moves. The first is called shield bash. This allows the warrior to "stun" the monster for 2-3 rounds. This gives the warrior at least 1 free attack on the monster. The second will be "Disarm". Disarming a monster will decrease the damage it deals for 3 rounds, after which the monster will return to normal damage. The third is the "Vengeance Strike", this strike will do 3x the amount of normal damage that his normal attack does but at a cost of half his existing health.

The Thief will be a finesse class, which will be able to have 2 weapons. This will increase his overall damage above that of the warrior. His 3 power moves will be as follows: Backstab will only be available on the first attack and only if the player is able to attack first (wins initiative). If this is the case, the backstab will be so devastating that the monster's health will be reduced by 1/2. The second attack will be Garrote, this is a bleed (Damage Over Time) effect which will induce a random amount of damage each round in addition to his normal damage. This effect might be stackable, but I'm not sure about this yet. The third move is simply "Dodge". The player will be able to dodge a monster's attack for 1 round.

The mage will be balls out damage, but no armor. His normal attacks will be higher than both the warrior or the thief. But he's wearing a dress, so he also takes the most damage. He will have 3 spells at his disposal: Soul Siphon, this essentially deals damage to the monster and returns it to the Mage as mana. Then there's Health Siphon, which does the same thing only with health. Then there's Pyroblast.. Pyroblast is a 1 hit one kill spell.. The problem is, if the spell critically fails it damages the caster instead. It drains the caster's remaining mana so the caster will not be able to do any more power moves until he rests at the inn.

As with Legend of the Red Dragon, there will be various buildings with different uses.

A healing center. I think I will call it a temple. This will allow the player to regain his health.

The inn will be where the player regains his mana or energy by sleeping.

Weapon and Armor shops... Obvious..

The arena, where players can compete against the local heros for fame, fortune and fabulous prizes!

The guild houses. These are where the players can train, and (at some point maybe) cross train.

The bank. Because if you die, you get robbed.

The forest, a place to level.

The mountains, also a place to level.

The crypt, yet another place to level.

The dragon's lair.. Yeah you don't want to go here until you are ready.

I'm also hoping to give the game the ability to write plugins for "other places" to visit. Giving people the ability to write their own modules.

So what do you think?

I'm not sure this would ever work as a BBS door, but maybe I can figure that one out too.

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