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Freelancer has bought out vWorker and Scriptlance

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vWorker was pretty much the best site for finding work online. It was next to free and the fee they charged is charged towards your client (you want $500 for a job, client sees this as $535 or so).

Now I have a couple of gripes about Freelancer. First of all, it's practically like a game site. I mean look at this, it's like something out of a Facebook game:

Credits? Experience points? C'mon. I'm here to do work, not to gain EXP or meaningless internet points. On top of that, it's actually very limited. Unless you want to shell out $50 a month, you will only be able to post 10 bids a day. Earning credits is easy enough so that you can practically buy bids with them, so it's not TOO big of a deal... But still - it's that limitation. Another great thing about vWorker was the free expert exams. You take them and if you pass you get a badge that shows you passed in that area. Freelancer has that too.... for $5 an exam - pass or fail.

However I have to keep an open mind... Plus sides about Freelancer is it seems to have a much larger and maturer community - which is odd, considering the Facebook-game feel the site has. However as pointed out by tlhIn`toq here, the fact that the site requires money probably weeds out those who work 40-hour projects for $10. Which is great. No more losing bids to people who you KNOW will not be able to fulfill the contract. There's also a whole bunch more features I haven't explored yet.

So overall my feelings are mixed about this. I suppose I couldn't have just stayed holed up on one site, I'd have to expand sooner or later. I've been thinking about other freelancing sites just for the heck of it. Even if they're ALL limited, three 10-bids-a-month sites results in 30 bids a month... Oh well.

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Sergio Tapia Icon

27 November 2012 - 08:16 AM
"$50 a month, you will only be able to post 10 bids a day. "

Eh that seems excessive. I work primarily on oDesk and we get 20 bids a week - what do you do with 10 bids a day if not spam clients?

creativecoding Icon

09 December 2012 - 07:59 PM
Yeah, you're completely right. Now that I think about it the prices are sorta fitting. I guess it's the actual limiting that bothers me. Of course it could be for anti-spam protection but that could also be easily avoided. I've decided to stick around and see what happens. Who knows - I might like it.
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