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MVC is not a thing, it is an idea - an abstraction

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Unfortunately I've been led astray by previous tutorials and my own errors that I've had the wrong idea of what MVC is. After this was pointed out, I spend all night studies and creating an *actual* MVC framework. After some 5 tutorials, it finally hit me. I'm not sure why I didn't think it before, but I understand it now. MVC is a design pattern, of course. But the thing about this, is that there is no single one "best" way to do it. It's all subjective.

MVC is something you create, it's like modern art. Look up tutorials on how to make modern art, you'll get results on how to do so. Only problem is, it's all different. This is the key problem with people trying to learn MVC. They don't realize that THEY have to come up with their own solutions to MVC. They will look at multiple tutorials and think "well this isn't the same as that, what's this, what's that? This doesn't make sense. Why are they doing two different things? Why does this handle requests differently?".

So yeah, if you're going to write out an MVC tutorial, make sure to include something like this. Make sure the reader understands that MVC is an abstraction and there is no "MVC framework" that's the same for everyone.

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