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Down the rabbit hole of misleading, bad code

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Doing freelance work for random strangers over outsourcing websites is definitely not fruitful work. It's bottom-feeder work. Why are people there in the first place? It's always either those who want to drastically cut costs and those with little to no programming knowledge. This creates the problem that nobody cares about the code as long as it works. And as long as it works - they'll keep coming back.

What does mean for you, the developer?

Well - my poor, poor friend. This means you'll be destined to fixing code that's been written by more than one person, each with their own skill level and style. Eventually you get this huge jumbled mess that's impossible to modify and impossible to read. Zero documentation, whack variables, various hotfixes that turn things upside-down. It's insane. The client usually wants something small to fix, right? That's great - you can get it done in twenty minutes! You totally need these reviews to pick yourself off the ground! But that's how they get you. Once you're in, you'll have to crawl through the hundreds of lines of unintelligible code that makes no sense.

Anyways - this is what happened. It seems I've finally learned my lesson that there are no easy/fast jobs on outsourcing sites. I need to get a service off the ground - a startup. Something that I can put my efforts into and hopefully get a return. And if I don't get a return - that'll be my fault.

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