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Chapter 4: Pointers and References... (shutter)

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Ahh I remember being a junior in college thinking to myself, "I %&*#& hate C." I did, I hated C solely because I frequently had to use pointers in my assignments and I didn't like them. I was use to the good ol' days of Java when you couldn't even see pointers (as far as I know or care).

You can imagine my joy when...
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Game Institute Lesson 3: Hubris

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Game Institute Lesson 2

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Lesson 2 focuses on arrays, loops, and conditions. C++ is very similar to Java in regards to these concepts, so the lesson went by very quickly. I did stumble across one totally new concept to me.
for (int cnt1 = 0, int cnt2 = 9; cnt1 < 10; ++cnt1, --cnt2){     //do stuff}
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Game Institute's books and Quiz 1

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Life sure has been busy. For anyone not familiar with my schedule, let me give you an overview. I work around 45 hours a week, I'm the Python forum leader, I write a blog in addition to this one, I am signed up for 4 online classes from the Game Institute, I volunteered to do some work for PARPG...
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Hello C++ Console apps!

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To start, I dug up a copy of Visual C++ 2008 express edition. Visual C++ was very highly recommended, so I figured it was best to listen... they are the teachers.

Lesson 1 of C++ Module I is working with the absolute basics of C++, I/O. Admittedly, I really haven't written many C++ console apps. My job usually requires that I fix...
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Hello Game Institute!

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Hello Dream in code users! I'm Adam aka atraub...

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