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Game Institute's books and Quiz 1

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Life sure has been busy. For anyone not familiar with my schedule, let me give you an overview. I work around 45 hours a week, I'm the Python forum leader, I write a blog in addition to this one, I am signed up for 4 online classes from the Game Institute, I volunteered to do some work for PARPG, and I'm a 24 year old guy trying to move into his first house and maintain a social life! All that being said, getting through these classes may take longer than I anticipated.

Only a few days after I signed up for my classes, my free Game Institute books came in. I received one for each subject except Math. Perhaps there is no Math book? I'm not sure, but now isn't the time to worry about that. The books are in good condition, but they do appear to have been gently used. There are no markings in the books, but the covers of them do have many tiny scratches. That's fine by me, I'm a firm supporter of recycling and would have gladly volunteered for used books if given the option. The physical books are page per page copies of the pdf books... so don't expect to get anything extra out of them. All in all, they are good books and look very cool on the outside.

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The first Chapter was very straightforward. At the end of the chapter were some programming assignments to drive home the concepts. Because it was only chapter 1, the assignments were fairly trivial and consisted mainly of I/O and doing simple math. I will admit that I prefer using an old fashion print function as oppose to this format
cout << val1 << " + " << val2 << " = " << val1+val2 << endl;
but I'll also admit it's often a good idea to step outside of your comfort zone and use different styles.

The Quiz was not bad either. Considering I finished the reading a week ago, I definitely felt myself searching for a few of the answers. While it would be wrong for me to get into specifics, I will say that the quiz was not a collection of softball questions. The questions were relevant and based on the reading. I firmly believe that a someone comfortable with C++ could have been tripped up by 1 or two of them.
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Due to my busy schedule, its' taken me about 2 weeks to complete 1 week's worth of class. However, that's part of the beauty of the Game Institute. Being able to work on these classes on my own terms really makes things easier and more doable. So far, I'm impressed and I enjoy it enough to move forward!

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