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Game Institute Lesson 2

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Lesson 2 focuses on arrays, loops, and conditions. C++ is very similar to Java in regards to these concepts, so the lesson went by very quickly. I did stumble across one totally new concept to me.
for (int cnt1 = 0, int cnt2 = 9; cnt1 < 10; ++cnt1, --cnt2)
     //do stuff

I had never imagined that you could essentially set up 2 iterators in the creation of the for loop. Granted, the number of times I would use this technique would be few and far between; but seeing old concepts in a new light is precisely what I was hoping to find at this stage of the Game Institute. Once again, the quiz wasn't killer but there was a question or two that I did spend a few moments on.

The programming assignments were not trivial either. One of the assignments was implementing a sorting algorithm. To give a student a sorting algorithm as an assignment this early in the game shows that they expect their students to take it seriously. Despite it being 'online classes' I think we can all take the Game Institute seriously because they take us seriously.

I'm still happy with Game Institute and I look forward to moving forward.

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