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Game Institute Lesson 3: Hubris

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What can i say? I got cocky and received a firm kick in the bum in response. I roared through lesson 3 because it was functions and scoping. I've been working with Procedural languages for 5 years, this one surely would be simple for me.... well I thought so.

I DID learn that variables declared within blocks of code contained in loops or conditions only exist in that function/condition of code. In other languages, the scopes were generally global, scoped to objects, or scoped to functions. Granted, this little 'gotcha' shouldn't occur too often, how frequently do you need to declare a variable inside a loop/condition and then use it elsewhere?

I read the chapter in about 30 minutes and didn't even bother listening to the lecture. I hurried through the quiz.... and missed two questions. This is pretty bad for me, but it's not horrible. 2 questions equates to .4% of the final grade, making this a minuscule loss. It was an avoidable loss, and Game Institute has successfully reinstated my sense of humility. Well played Game Institute... well played.

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