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Chapter 4: Pointers and References... (shutter)

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Ahh I remember being a junior in college thinking to myself, "I %&*#& hate C." I did, I hated C solely because I frequently had to use pointers in my assignments and I didn't like them. I was use to the good ol' days of Java when you couldn't even see pointers (as far as I know or care).

You can imagine my joy when I got to the pointers section. Truthfully, I was a little happy. Despite it being a dull topic, I wanted to make sure I really knew pointers well. In my game "Revenge" I did find myself occasionally fumbling with them. Like a virgin on prom night, I really didn't know what I was doing... and it showed.

Pointers and references are explained slowly and clearly. While I'm not inclined to write an essay about them, I do think I can work with them intelligently now. Function pointers are even lightly covered, which is cool. Being a Python programmer, I'm familiar with the concept of function pointers. Seeing that I can use them in C++ without a ton of difficulty certainly can open some doors for me.

Considering my terrible performance on Chapter 3, I chose to spend some extra time on this chapter. I read it thoroughly and listened to the lecture a few times. This time, I managed to get a perfect score.

The chapter is kind of short all in all. I expected it to be longer. Is it because they were trying not to overwhelm the students? I personally think so. With references, pointers, dynamic memory, and vectors all crammed into 1 small chapter, I am concerned that I'm missing part of the puzzle. However, it is possible that the future lessons will augment the fundamentals I learned in this chapter. Only time will tell.

Coming up next is the midterm. Rather than 2% of my grade, it's worth 27%... I think it can wait until tomorrow.

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JackOfAllTrades Icon

05 March 2011 - 08:12 AM
Do people still make it to the prom as a virgin? ;)

Pointers are one of the most difficult things to grasp for many people, but there are so many resources and explanations for them out there on the Net, it's hard to believe that anyone who spends some serious time researching them can't figure them out...unless they're wholly lacking in the skills to program (which obviously is the case in many instances; they're an excellent "weeding-out" tool).

ishkabible Icon

21 March 2011 - 12:03 PM
im pretty used to pointers now but it was the last basic thing i gained a concept for. i think it's more what and how pointers are used that make them so difficult to grasp; the concept seems simple it's an object that 'points' to another object. however understanding how and what they are used for is difficult. even dealing with the logic associated with them can be difficult.
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