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Joomla Administrator Session Time Out: Quick Fix

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In what is quickly becoming my extensive experience with Joomla, I have found the single most irritating aspect of the system to be the session time out when using the Administration panel. This time limit can...
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Joomla Extensions: The Good, the Bad, and the Fugly

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As the planet is well aware by now, I've been doing most of my recent work in Joomla and I've found several useful extensions along the way. However, considering my employer, my experience with each has had a bit of an academic bent. Regardless, for my personal future reference, and the reference of anyone interested in tested and...
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Getting Meaty with Joomla!

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One year ago, I posted a whiny, melodramatic entry about the horrible abuse I was suffering at the hands of my employer when they implemented their mandatory everything-must-use-Joomla-for-a-CMS policy. I am now on the cusp of launching my third Joomla-backed site and, while I'm still not excited by it, I have learned to manage (and in some...
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Browser-specific CSS

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It almost seems that each passing day brings a new browser to the market... or at least a new email about a new browser that one lonely person is using and something isn't displaying properly.

To date, I have a list of 19 browsers and 12 operating systems for a total of 228 possible ways to screw up a website layout. As one might imagine,...
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... commencing countdown, engines on ...

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.... and we have lift-off!...
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