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Monty Hall's Problem With Eating Fruits Sieved By A Mathematician

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I've been re learning Python and the hassle of the indent and Python cmd acting all funky on me I decided to do something on, so what I did is try out the PyDev thing for Eclipse Juno. Then I remembered I don't know how to make classes and objects and such as of yet in Python, so I closed the thing and got back on the cmd. I hope no feelings were hurt. :)

I also learned a little about list comprehensions, very neat! For example I have this list:
 fruits = ["apple","orange","kiwi"]

And another list:
 food = ["apple","orange","cake","kiwi","chocolate"]

If I wanted to get all food that isn't fruit, I can just do this:
 nonFruitFood = [ x in x for food if x not in fruits]

What do we have here?
>>> nonFruitFood
['cake', 'chocolate']


Oh, it's all thanks to the Monty Hall problem. Also, I got interested with Mathematics(whaaat? really?lol) because of the Sieve of Eratosthenes. I like stuff like that, it's like magic!

I hope to learn more Python and Mathematics. ^^

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