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All or Nothing in December

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This December, I'm planning to buy a computer or a laptop. My budget is pretty low, if it exists, and I want to buy something for development. I need to buy one so that when I go home I can do my own projects and increase my learning by a considerable amount. This is all for anticipation of something. (Guess?)

Right now, I'm planning to learn those pesky frameworks first(Spring,Hibernate) then mobile development after that. I want to be on a level that will make me a viable candidate for anything I will take on.

I am also planning to really, really, dive in to Mathematics, or else, I will only be good at doing stuff with libraries but not with optimizations and that beautiful mind(hahaha).

I also plan to use the thing for gaming too, I want to be able to play Half - Life 3 in its max specs, but I guess this is where I'm dreaming now.

My future depends on this. Future, don't fail me. ^^

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