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Coffee and Keyboards

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I just finished implementing an algorithm that removes the smallest numbered element from a Young Table, and I was checking over the results for the correctness of my algorithm. I was scrolling along the black terminal window when I should happen to neglect the fact that my cup of coffee was filled to the lip. WRAAAAAAA! I didn't scream...
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Learn how to make GBA games

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Along with my NES tutorials, I'll also do the GBA since I've already made tons of programs for it. The GBA is actually a pretty impressive 32-bit system with an ARM7 TDMI processor that runs at 16Mhz- pretty fast for a portable system at the time. The ARM is my favorite processor to write ASM code for and it's much easier to write a...
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Learn how to make NES games

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Hello! I'm back and writing games for the NES. I found it somewhat fun and relatively easy enough for me to also write some tutorials while I play with NES programs. It started when I wanted to write an emulator for the NES, but then I really would rather make games than to make something that plays games. Besides, FCEUX is an amazing...
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Game Chill 2009 Results + Learning

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It appears that only a tiny handful of people actually submitted things, and some of these things are half-finished programs that are barely demos (mine included). Myself, I didn't really get that much at all done and had to release something...
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Calling all Game Programmers - Quick Contest!

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There's this little event going on at RPG Maker Net called Game Chill 2009. Here's the details:


Register before this Saturday (December 12), and make some game in two weeks. If you want to do this for fun, I suggest making some sort of tiny game with an engine already existing that can handle a two week game...
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