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Heavy Metal Mouse

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Now for a much more absurd exploration into PC gaming peripherals. A long while ago, I got a basic Logitech G500s mouse for some comfortable gaming. It's all you need, it doesn't look like some cyborg shit, it does its job well and it doesn't cost too much. It also fits in your hand neatly. I noticed it came with some weights inside,...
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Windows 10, still has a long way to go

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It's been a while since I started the Windows 10 Technical Preview. While it is better than Windows 8, it's still kind of bad.. Alright it's not looking good so far. But there's still a few months left and I've got to keep using it all the way for a fair judgement. What's wrong?

The start menu is really good, but Windows...
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Windows 10? Technical Preview

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Well what do we have here? A Windows OS that promises the fusion of Windows 7 with Windows 8 I was shouting about a couple blog entries ago? I found this link to try Windows 10? Technical Preview...
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Return of RPG20XX

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I had once talked about an old engine replacement for RPG Maker 2003...
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How Microsoft Could Dominate Everything With Windows 9

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This isn't a Windows 8 hate post since everyone (including Microsoft) already knows it was a mistake, this is just hope that Windows 9 could complete the cycle of every-other-Windows you sometimes hear people mention. Skipping Windows Vista for the next one was a thing, so Microsoft probably has one more chance to dominate the market like in...
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