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Drawing Sprites [Finished It!]

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... Ugh. I've got the design down on paper and ready to be used but I have no idea how I'm going to sprite this. I was thinking of making a 24 pixel wide by 32 pixel tall sprite to go above the usual old-school 16x16 pixel just so that you can tell the sprite is Sayu and not some indescribable chibi. I might actually have to go down and...
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Photoshop Does Too Work In Wine

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It does too work in wine! Who kept telling me it didn't?
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Learn Basic Linux Game Programming With Me

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As I crash and smash my way through Linux to write games for the new system, I'll be writing a series of tutorials. They're going to be fun and full of pictures~! I'll be listing all the tutorials in this project log so you can go here to see them all as I release them.

Go here to see the first tutorial.

Game programming is...
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Should I go OpenGL? (Cross-Platform)

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I need to seriously consider going cross-platform. I have the documentation to work with WED in a format that I can write compilers for, and this means the following:

- I would need to learn OpenGL
- I would have to write compilers/converters for the .wmp format and the .mdl format
- I would have to write my own collision handling
- I...
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Map Playback (Play Testing)

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I just stuck the functions for loading a map in a .DLL and it spat out this map I made in an instant. I have to say things are going well, it won't be long before I have the player walking through the landscape you see in the picture. I'll be checking for memory leaks, although I use new...
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