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Photoshop Does Too Work In Wine

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It does too work in wine! Who kept telling me it didn't?
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Learn Basic Linux Game Programming With Me

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As I crash and smash my way through Linux to write games for the new system, I'll be writing a series of tutorials. They're going to be fun and full of pictures~! I'll be listing all the tutorials in this project log so you can go here to see them all as I release them.

Go here to see the first tutorial.

Game programming is...
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Should I go OpenGL? (Cross-Platform)

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I need to seriously consider going cross-platform. I have the documentation to work with WED in a format that I can write compilers for, and this means the following:

- I would need to learn OpenGL
- I would have to write compilers/converters for the .wmp format and the .mdl format
- I would have to write my own collision handling
- I...
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Map Playback (Play Testing)

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I just stuck the functions for loading a map in a .DLL and it spat out this map I made in an instant. I have to say things are going well, it won't be long before I have the player walking through the landscape you see in the picture. I'll be checking for memory leaks, although I use new...
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Download Availiable: Complete Map Editor

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Alright! Finally! Even though the game can't be tested yet, the map editor is complete to the point where it's useful.
Download it and put it somewhere where you will keep it. It's the first version so it's in BETA, but I was able to create the sample map with minimal problems. Read up and give it for a spin though. Read...
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