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Download Availiable: WeaponSoul (Dev 1)

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This is a test of the movement engine.

Arrow keys move and X is jump. I've added the following keys for debug purposes:

1 - Hotter Temperature2 - Colder Temperature3 - Hold For Moonlike Gravity4 - Reload Map Underwater5 - Reload Map Normally
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About That Soup...

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Hehe, not like I can do any better when rendering that soup I like to call water... >.<
Well, at least I finally got some sort of liquid shader along with a chrome and a simple fur shader for grass and stuff.

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Game Review: Dream of Mirror Online

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Game Review: Dream of Mirror Online

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Character slides lined up in a row

Rating: 4/5

Platform: Image reduced in size Image reduced in size Image reduced in size Download Here
Genre: MMO...
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Credits Go to...

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I'm taking advantage of the engine modification protecting thingy, which checks all the .wdl files to see if they're modified. These are always external files for some reason so I'll use it to my advantage and write a parser which turns the little markup language I made into a credits screen.

This way whenever credit is due to someone...
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Finally, Some Real Stuff!

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I've been working on the entire map system. This is how the player can explore, go through the main story, and start fights. It's simple (much unlike my April Fools control design^^), Z is examine/activate and X is jump.

Even though I used solid textures to make the test maps with, this screenshot actually looks really cool.
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