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WeaponSoul Character

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In the maps and stuff, old-school style 2D characters will be in 3D maps to clash styles pretty much as I said before. Here's the main character:

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Sayu is the main character to the game. She's an engineer who wields fire-elemental firearms and will handle in battle like those classic arcade spaceship shooter games from Japan. You...
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Status Display

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I've finally gotten the design for the little status cards that will appear in the menu and during battle. The character will appear inside that gray box and you can see the LV, HP, and EP of the character at a glance~

The dashed lines are animated and move over the bar, the less HP the character has the faster the lines move over...
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WeaponSoul is UnPossible

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WeaponSoul is complete!

Alright stop right there and read you screen carefully! This isn't your average weak and pathetic video game NO! this is the most extreme game that will grab you by the throat, toss you around and eat you! It's got blast processing...
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It Isn't Easy to Write Windows

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For the game, I'm going to have some very simple windows for use in a GUI. It's sort of like an MMORPG where it has it's own mini GUI library for you to manage items and stuff. Since my game is on the PC and I want to make use of the mouse so I don't have the user mashing whatever game controller or keyboard they have, I'm...
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Entire Gameplay for WeaponSoul~

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Alright, I've decided to post all of the gameplay ideas I have for WeaponSoul, the game project I am working on. This will be a great entry for those who want to be introduced to this project, and would like to know more. If you're interested, then read on~

Image reduced in sizeWeaponSoul Quick Information:
Genre: Action RPG
Platform: Image reduced in sizeImage reduced in size Download
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