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Creating The Map

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I've got a nice little editor going so far, next I plan to add a way for the user to type in strings, and then after that I implement a file system so that these maps can be saved and loaded.

I would like a grid with the center marked... That would be nice.
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Level Editor

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The next demo I will release when it's done will be a level editor. Simple, the right click and drag moves the view, the arrow keys move that green thing and the mouse button will be for selecting things.

You get to make the level! I hope you have fun playing with it when it's done.
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I can has web design

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So I make a site......
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IconFX / Chibi-Sayu / RPG GUI Plugin Designs-Pics!

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Alright I wanna talk about IcoFX, some random freeware Windows .ico file creator application. You would think that the built-in .ico file editor for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 would be great but it's completely garbage. It won't let you make any higher than 256-color icon images and when I tried copying a picture and palette to make an...
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OctagonWolf Toolkit

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I'm going to be developing little libraries and content for a series of tools under the OctagonWolf name. It's actually containing little things here and there for quick implementation of features I need. I don't have a clear idea for any games so I'll just make a library of stuff and when the time comes, and I have a clear idea of...
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