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Return of RPG20XX

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I had once talked about an old engine replacement for RPG Maker 2003...
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How Microsoft Could Dominate Everything With Windows 9

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This isn't a Windows 8 hate post since everyone (including Microsoft) already knows it was a mistake, this is just hope that Windows 9 could complete the cycle of every-other-Windows you sometimes hear people mention. Skipping Windows Vista for the next one was a thing, so Microsoft probably has one more chance to dominate the market like in...
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Creating an Unknown World

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It's time for me to talk about the core of any constructive procedural game (Minecraft, Terraria, etc.),
the actual procedural construction! The world nobody has ever seen before that seems to emerge from nothing.
It's really not dark magic or hidden secrets of Computer Science, the key is always FRACTALS.
Fractals are any complex...
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Unicode of Many Tounges

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I actually did knew what I was getting into when I built LandTraveller with extra language support so it could display and receive Japanese, Chinese and Korean text, but that doesn't lessen the impact any! You all know what UNICODE is, and everyone thought they were made out of 16-bit character strings and sometimes extendable 8-bit UTF8...
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