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Happy New Year! (Dream of Mirror Online Review II)

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New Year's Eve and A Revised Review of Dream of Mirror Online

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Click to view full size screen shot.

Score: 4/5

Being stuck here at home, I had to pick one of the silly MMORPGs I have played to participate in their New Year's Eve event. I decided to pick the game where I'm a kawaii fox character and it is fun~ Dream of Mirror Online is an MMORPG I gave a score of 4/5 to a long time ago for it's unrivaled character customization system in any MMORPG I've ever played. Sadly, only myself and the couple of people shown in the picture showed up for the Mountain Time New Year's Eve countdown. Most people were either there for the East Coast or the PST celebrations.

Posted Image
A really creepy half scary lady
half pheonix NPC gave me some particle
fountai- I mean New Year's Eve fireworks.

I killed some enemies for an item called Pupu Coupon, named after a pig-like monster you can fight right in front of the town gates. The incredibly scary NPC you see in the photo gives you New Year's Eve fireworks for those coupons. They keep adding strange looking NPCs to the main town (called Eversun City) and it's starting to look like a freak show >.<! I've still got the shakes from my last encounter with a pheonix creature...

Posted Image
You've got to be kidding me -_-"...

Apart from the pitiful turnout of people who live in Mountain time zones and play Dream of Mirror Online, the game is still pretty fun despite it's few flaws. Many people overlook this game and I even wrote the review back when I didn't have many screen-shots. I'm going to give this game a little more justice since I've played it here and there over this year often. In between the graphic aide job I got many projects over the summer for and the last semester with the horrible combination of EECE and Linear Algebra and the spring semester before with an even more dreadful Calculus II class, I managed to find over 700 hours this year to relax with the game. However, I left my computer overnight to collect items many nights, so it's really only about 500 hours of me actually at the computer playing. Despite this, I'm going to have to award the game with a slightly closer look at it.

Posted Image
Well wasted^^ !

Job Class

Posted ImagePosted Image
Reminds me of Final Fantasy V

You can be any class and change your class once you've reached level 10. You must first complete an easy quest to unlock the class at a qualification NPC before you can change to that class. Each class has it's own level. I may be level 15 with 96% EXP right now as a Martial Artist, but if I change back into a Commoner, I'll be level 12 with 72 points of EXP. I can, always go back to being level 15 with 96% EXP and level up the Martial Artist job some more if I wanted to. Unlike Final Fantasy V, you have a separate level for each job. You can ask the NPC inside the Eversun Dojo where to find the qualification NPCs as well as short explanations about different jobs you can take. Up to, and including level 15 (the game says below level 15, but I was able to reset points at level 15), you can reset your skill points and ability points as many times as you want using the NPC next to the job changer. This allows you to know what you're going to add each level so you don't screw up- and remember the abillities change your stats differently for each job- for example as a Doctor, Wisdom also raises Attack Power which is unusual for most other classes.

Posted Image
Level un-capper NPC

Once you hit level 60 in a particular job, you'll have to start un-capping your levels using the NPC shown above! Requirements may vary, but it will prove a challenge to anyone who even makes it to level 60 in this game. Remember, you would have to reach the level cap in all your jobs to truly have no where to grow.


Posted Image

You can find these inside some towns, and they'll send you to an arena. You must be at least level 30 to participate in the Competition Mirror shown in the picture. There's more than just fights in arenas against other players, there's also a mob killing contest where you kill the most Pupus (pig-like creatures). They're possibly going to implement guild fights as well and possibly some free-killing PvP maps to go with it. These are rumors, but you should have fun killing things with other players- as well as each other!

Guilds and Pets

Posted Image
Kind of like an @HOME for guilds.

Once you've joined a guild, you can enter a special area just for the guild in the Guild Cottage. People tend to hold meetings here or play with their pets inside. There's also a bank where you can donate items and money to the guild where everyone can make use of withdrawing from (if allowed by the moderators). I was able to get 2 pets without spending any real money on Aeria Points, and they can help in battles. You raise them and eventually, you can mount and ride them around- increasing your HP/MP. The blue hair person in the picture is playing with her pet to restore loyalty- if you die while the pet is out or the pet dies, it loses loyalty and will refuse to fight if loyalty is too low.


This game has provided many hours of entertainment and is enjoyable to anyone who likes these kinds of RPGs. Anything is better than World of Warcraft, and this game is free to just play as well. You can go there and try it out here:

I hope you enjoy it~

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