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Colour Chimp

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Latest version of Colour Chimp: 1.1.4506.16671

Colour Chimp is a simple WPF program I wrote that is useful for comparing and gathering colours. I wrote it as a utility for choosing the right colour for use in XAML for WPF applications, to save the tedious job of constantly altering the hex representation of the colour in your XAML code.

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ColourChimp 1.0.4475.23767

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Here's the newest version of ColourChimp.

Bug Fixes:
-Filtering menu options now filter correctly.
-Error handling added for gathering minimized windows

Still to do:
-Add selective colour deletion
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ColourChimp initial version

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Here's the 1.0 version of a small WPF prorgam I made that makes gathering screen colours, comparing them and editing them a breeze so that it is really easy to get the hex for the colour you are after. You can then copy the appropriate representation (ARGB, RGB, HSV, CMYK) of the colour to your clipboard to copy direcly into the XAML...
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