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Time for a teaser: The code behind the engine!

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Not gonna give it all away yet, it needs an extreme cleanup. My code is a total mess! :)...
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The Final Product: Pong

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Download it here!

All comments are welcome :)
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Fancy graphics: Pong

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Up until now, you might be thinking "awww crap, he didn't include the graphics!"

Well, here they are!

The splash screen
The help screen
The about screen
The game over screen

The paddle
The ball
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Getting the code written: Pong

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Rather than adding stupid and pointless explanations about things that don't need explaining, I'm gonna ask you all for comments. Anything that needs clarification, I'll reply :)...
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Planning a project: Pong

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Any code requires a well thought-out plan. Let's get a few ideas going and build from that.

What do we want to make?
Nothing flashy, just a simple recreation of pong, to get the basic understanding of how a game should be put together.

What do we need to plan?
1) Classes - will we be going for an OOP approach? (yes, I'm an OO guy)

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