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Careers: Software Development VS Game Development

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Been a while.

This is such a difficult decision. I think it probably is for a lot of programmers. This is more of a personal entry than most, more just explaining my thought process on the whole path that I can't decide to take. :/...
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SourceForge : A real pain in the arse! [Uploading]

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Well, finally got around to fixing my engine up for a release. It's a little buggy, but it shouldn't crash. Got it all up on sourceforge now: http://sourceforge.n...ts/simplemmorpg and you can download it here...
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Holy Crap - DreamInCode's PR!

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Rank 8 of 350,000 results. </> strikes again with it's awesome page rank!

That is all.
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It's been a while

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Wow. Well over a month since my last entry, and now it's nearly Christmas!

OK, so this is gonna be a little bit of an off-topic entry. But I wanna let you guys know that I'm gonna get back to programming in my free time!
[That's right guys, gabehabe stopped programming for fun since he started work]

So yeah, about my new job....
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Request a Topic

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This entry is simply to complement my "Request A Topic" content block. If you would like to request a write-up on anything in particular, please leave a comment on this entry, and I'll see what I can do! :)

Unfortunately, I probably won't have enough time to blog about every...
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Making this Blog Interesting Again

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Making it interesting again. I know I got kinda side-tracked, like I do with everything else, but someone had a dig (you know who you are! ;))

Anyway, I'm setting about getting organised for once. Along with that, my blog will now be organised. :P
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I love a good project, me.

Problem is, I always seem to take on too many, because I just get a stupid number of ideas in one go and decide to do them before I forget.

I've already got a bunch of others lined up, and I'm forcing myself not to start them until those projects over in that little "Project Completion" box get...
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Everyone wants to be me

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Just a heads up for the people who I speak to (most of you DIC heads)

Someone seems to be trying to be me. Watch out for the spelling of the username, it's spelled Gabehebe instead of gabehabe.

They've got the same avatar, but no signature. No mod badge, and only 3 posts (so far)

This guy.

I haven't banned them yet...
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Just lately, I've been getting to sleep between 4am and 9am, and getting up between 9am and 11am.

Feeling like crap, but I just don't get tired at night.

Binaural beats no longer work~
I've tried natural sleeping remedies.
I've tried exercise. (once :P)

Anyone got any suggestions? :(
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Home Alone~

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I don't know how many people actually read this nonsensical drivel, but it's that time again. My mum and step dad have gone on holiday, and I'm home alone. That means I get to have my music up loud, when I remember, and the neighbours don't complain because they're total drunks.

Currently, I'm listening to Suicide Silence~...
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Gotta love wxWidgets

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I've just finished writing a notepad application in wxWidgets (for a tutorial)

It's only 74 lines long, with spacing! :o

The event tables took a bit of getting used to, but once you get it, you got it.

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Image reduced in size
Image reduced in size
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My Memory...

Icon 1 Comments actually beginning to scare me.

I can remember plenty about programming, which is good enough for me. But WTF have I been doing all day?

I actually just looked around and I forgot where I was....
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Lack of.

Couldn't sleep last night, so I got back up at half 4.

Haven't really done much. Cleaned/tidied the house. Came online to moderate. Stared at the screen for about an hour. Taught someone how to make a notepad in C#.NET (no prior knowledge)

Wow. I've done more than most of my days in the last 6 hours.

I need a life. And a...
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Looks like I forgot about something else...

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Namely my blog. Damn.

I forgot I had Twitter, too. How do I forget this stuff?

Anyway, this blog is now just me rambling. I figure it's not worth making big tutorials and stuff here, since I forget about it too often... Oh well.

I've gotten into software design lately, anyway~ working in C#
(Check out the Discuss Projects...
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What a day~

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For the past week, I've had a few slight breathing problems. Nothing major, just a lack of air every couple of days. But today, while I was getting ready, I lost my breath. I figured it would pass after time, but it didn't seem to. After 40 minutes, I managed to pull together the strength to walk downstairs, and I went to the hospital at...
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Damn my memory!

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...and my new found love of C# :!:

I can't even bring myself to close SharpDevelop at the moment, I even struggle to bring myself to minimise it. I'm just really set on getting this program done.

It's my first ever...
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Something finally went right!

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YAY! I'm finally writing in my blog from home again. That's right, that unsecured network has reappeared. HOORAY!

:bananaman: Image reduced in size
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Is annoying. Even though I've never used Linux, I now know how to crack WEP under Linux. Not Windows though :unsure:

This really isn't my specialty.

So, I'm gonna install Linux on a virtual machine.

Any suggestions as to which Linux to download? Knoppix, Ubuntu, etc?

Clueless here :unsure:
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Teh interwebz...

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This is annoying. Recently, "my" connection, which belonged to someone down the road, has stopped broadcasting.

So, until I get something sorted, I'm in the library. Damn~

WEP cracking, anyone? ;)

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