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All the code behind the engine so far

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So, I'm finally uploading the source. It's a little buggy (still) but it should be stable. (Memory and CPU usage seem pretty stable too)

I'm intrigued to see if anyone can build it for their OS, or what errors they come across. I've included the Windows DLLs, and all references are relative (I hope) to the project, so *hopefully*...
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So, some of you might've tested out that demo, huh? Notice anything lacking? Well, it's supposed to work online and show other players walking around, which it didn't in that release. It worked before I uploaded, then just stopped all of a sudden. Drove me insane, it did.

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Multithreading the Game Engine!

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So, I finally got around to putting the server communication stuff in a different thread. :)...
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Simplest Game Ever?

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Well, I wanted to make something that anyone can make a game with.

I think I've done it.

The engine still isn't complete, but I've tidied up the main code a little.

Perhaps a little too much.

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The engine is evolving: Online RPG Engine!

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Yup, multiplayer. :)...
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Creating a Game Engine!

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So I've finally decided to work on a pretty big project. Doing it all by myself, the best way to do it IMO.

This new project is a 2D game engine. It'll be sooooo easy to use, and it'll be for creating games with a similar gameplay to the early Final Fantasy games. Nothing flashy, but fun all the same.

It could...

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