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Your First Steps Into C++

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A lot of people seem to think that C++ is a difficult language to learn. I have to disagree~ If you get used to the syntax, it's easy, and powerful.

So, what is there to learn about the C++ syntax in general?
If you've studied a language like Java, then you should find it pretty straight forward. However, if you're coming from a VB background, it can be a little tedious to get your head around. And obviously, if this is your first language, it's going to be tedious anyway.

My first language was C++ and I'm glad of that fact. Your first language is going to be the norm to you~ You'll compare any other language that you begin to learn to the first. Coming from someone who knows at least the basics, but mostly intermediate-advanced stuff in about 16 languages, it's safe to trust me, too. ;)

So where can you learn C++ ?

Well, rather than listing a whole bunch of resources here on my blog, I can link you to a thread which I started in the C++ forum~ [click]

Also, until I get my own C/C++ cheat sheets drawn up, you can refer to the </> C++ cheat sheet.

This entry is short, but I'll be following it up with more soon, going right from the basics to the advanced topics, including:
1) User input/output
2) Strings
3) Various C++ libraries
4) Creating user-defined functions
5) Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
6) Operator Overloading
7) Creating some cool console games
8) A bunch of other stuff that I'm too lazy to list
9) A little bit about SDL
10) GUI design with wxWidgets

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