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#Develop: A Free Alternative to Visual Studio

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This is a topic which was inspired by this thread. Not a lengthy blog entry, but definitely worth a read, if you're looking for an alternative to Visual Studio.

First off, the application is available here.

I would have used Visual Studio more, but it doesn't agree with the laptop. I have no idea why. So from the point I decided to learn about .NET, I had to find an alternative IDE. Honestly, I'm glad VS wouldn't agree with the laptop. #Develop is a brilliant application. And the best thing is, it's open source, so you can alter it to suit you more personally, or just check out how it works!

Anyway, that's how I came to use #Develop.

It's hard for me to compare it to Visual Studio, since I've only actually used VS once or twice. But I'll do my best.

The IDE is actually very similar to Visual Studio, in that you get your design view, code view, syntax highlighting, etc. Though, as you'd expect, these are the norm for pretty much any IDE, including the one that I (plan) to develop.

So why choose #Develop?

It's a comfortable IDE. It's just as flexible as Visual Studio, with the ability to "pin" various components to remain in view, including a clipboard recorder, ASCII tools, quick-click license rules (such as the ability to simply click a menu item and the entire license will appear in your code as a comment)

Like Visual Studio, it comes with the ability to create an installer, using a wizard. It has a subversion tool (SVN) and various other add-ins.

You can entirely configure your project, including debug/release target files, create your own compile setting, etc.

Lastly, it comes with a resource manager, for dealing with those all-important resx files.

Compatible languages~ Which languages can I develop in with #Develop?
Quite a few, actually. More than I'd even heard of, before I downloaded it.
1) Boo
2) C#
3) F#
4) ILAsm
5) Python

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Auzzie Icon

27 January 2009 - 05:38 PM
MonoDevelop is another good one and the best bit is it covers most .NET languages AND is windows, linux and mac compatable
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