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So, some of you might've tested out that demo, huh? Notice anything lacking? Well, it's supposed to work online and show other players walking around, which it didn't in that release. It worked before I uploaded, then just stopped all of a sudden. Drove me insane, it did. <_<

Anyway, a quick tip for all of you. Don't mess with your database structures! :blush: Especially when you don't reference fields by names. Using the C MySQL API, you don't use row names, you just use a number. Example, a database structure such as this:
id   |   username

when put onto a MYSQL_ROW struct isn't as simple as named identifiers. Instead, consider this example: (row is our MYSQL_ROW)
row[0] // the id field
row[1] // the username field

When you go adding fields in between those... things fuck up. :)

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