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Damn my memory!

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...and my new found love of C# :!:

I can't even bring myself to close SharpDevelop at the moment, I even struggle to bring myself to minimise it. I'm just really set on getting this program done.

It's my first ever .NET project. With no prior .NET experience. Not even that much C# experience, come to think about it.

Here it is: [click]
It's a snippet management program, with the possibility of extending it to compile your programs, and add custom syntax highlighting. Check it out, you might like it :)

Feedback is greatly welcomed. ^_^

And sorry to those of you still waiting for Space Invaders, my memory seems to be getting worse.

I forgot I even had a blog until now :unsure:

Maybe there's something wrong with me...

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lol, my other blog died a horrible lonely death. Ah well.

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