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I love a good project, me.

Problem is, I always seem to take on too many, because I just get a stupid number of ideas in one go and decide to do them before I forget.

I've already got a bunch of others lined up, and I'm forcing myself not to start them until those projects over in that little "Project Completion" box get finished.

I'm just so set on building up a portfolio that I'm actually spiting myself, I guess~ There's so many projects right now that I'm just swamping myself, and not doing anything. So this week, as of Monday, I'm finally gonna try and get organised.

I'm setting targets to meet at the end of each week. This week's targets are:
1) Finally finish the Snippet Manager~ It's so close to completion.
2) Finish the Screen Capture thingy that I started working on God knows how long ago. There's not much to do on it, there never was.
3) Finish off X-Twitter~ This one shouldn't take too much

Yeah I know~ Sounds like a lot. But there isn't too much to do on any of them, I just kinda got near the end, and stopped.

After those are done, I'll be starting work on CIDER properly. I need to e-mail SourceForge because I submitted it over a month ago and it hasn't been denied/approved yet.

OK, so for one, a contact link is hard to find. And for another, I just checked the pending projects page on my account. This is what came up:
APT timed out project admin response
(APT stands for Abandoned Project Takeover)

So now that it says that, it says 10 business days in queue. I'll give it the 10 days to wait and find out, but if not, I'll email them.

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