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Inside Google HQ

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This week, I am in San Francisco. Today, I got given a tour of the Googleplex in silicon valley, by a friend of a friend who works as a recruiter at Google. It was absolutely amazing. The whole place is a heaven on Earth for engineers. Imagine all the stuff you could possibly want at your workplace, and then add some other stuff that you hadn't thought of, but is awesomely cool. Some of the highlights:

* Kitchen on every floor with free food and drinks, all freshly prepared and delivered
* Hammocks for naps
* Beanbags everywhere
* Guitar Hero/Rockband rooms
* 'Nap Pods' designed for employees who want to get some sleep, perhaps after coding all night
* Football field, Hockey field, Soccer field
* Ping pong tables
* Pool tables
* Canteens with lavishly prepared food for meals (all free)
* Massage room with a trained masseur
* Google bikes to cycle between buildings
* Google coaches with wifi onboard
* Your choice of setup - I saw one guy with 4x 30" monitors on his workstation
* Tech rooms where you can get equipment you need/want - tablets, phones, computers

They make it so you don't want to leave the office, ever. I don't have many high hopes of landing a job at Google, but I'm definitely going to apply, and after seeing the working conditions, I would recommend you do too.

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