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Stuff i did so far / my learing thingys

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So i am at the point that the main concept is ready
what i have so far

editor "non working non coded form whit idee's and the things i need"
Game "conept and game plan"
Sprites"Wizards creatures cursors and FX"
Pallet "one nice pallet"
wizzscirpt general syntax setup

where does one start to make a game?
and more important how to finish it?

In my point of few i am working on a make as many idees as you can
write it al down game rules plan desinge the works
and than code what you need

also i am trying to find a balance between awesomeness and user modified game stuff
and easy game play

wye have i started making an editor?
and wye would i make my own script language?

well i once leard bye starting whit the hard stuff the easy is more easy
and it will be more easy when i have made the basic game eninge and the wizzscipt funcionts to actully make the game objects and content

instead of manualy programming all the objects i could just use the editor
to copy or add a object creat a world
or define cpu ai routine

no i am not a great supber human being
i am just a guy who wants to make a great game
because i think this game will be awesome
and i hate games that have a lot of potentioal but whot allow user content of mods
like "worms" for the ps3 great game but it would be even more cool if i could add my own worm or my own gun or desinge a level for it

so i love flexible games
but also maby some one makes a mod for it and add features or creat an ai wich i could have never made

bye keeping the wizzscript simple it allows also non programmers to add content

I am keeping the "game" a secret until its finshd
the main things i need to make are
1 editor for user Mods/my own standart game setup
2 wizz script for the game
3 programm wizz scirpt funtctions
4 learn a lot about programming XNA to read encoded wizzscript modfiles
5 set up the main 2d turn based lan game or single player eninge
6 drink a lot of cofee learn a lot

so hope you stay and follow my blog about creating a game
i figure whit all my wishes a lot is to be learnd here
and il add codes and explain how and wye i use that

for now il leave u whit a small Pic of the editor
a simple form just to give u a small hint of the small but huge complex game i want to make

it will be grid based on 25x25
Greetings Gijs de mik

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