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CPU hard coded vs Self genarated script (no code in it sorry )

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So i have touhgt of more idee's and wild thinking

what i want is the cpu ai to improve its self
so how am i going to this whit out knowing a lot about game programming or general programming??

first of all u might wonder what i do know
i own a lot of books of the commodore64 BASIC langauge
since nowadays there kinda out of date lol!
altouhg one thing that is handy is that i have learned
a programming basics (if / for I=/peek/ poke)
and i need the PEEKS and POKES ohw wait i think its called pointers now
wel oke but there more sluggish?

for those who dont know wat the beep i am talking about
on a c64 u could do ."print peek 55321" where 55321 (dont get me wrong i might be off on the mem number tough) would be the current color of the background of the screen

it would prob say somting like ."12" since it dint had a 2gb video card
whit a biljion colour's

if i was to poke 55321,14 it would get a differnt coloure

this is cool since i have direct accses to the video whit any of a buzz
try letting your screen run troug a blazing collor spectrum now a days needs more code than 1_a=1+1, 2_poke 55321,A goto 1
well just a tought but how is this going to help me anno 2012?

i think il fake the peeks, and poke's by making a "textfile" whit my own code running side bye side the game

and the cpu can look in to a history table or "fake a peek"
for learing then the cpu can calculate the stuff and "poke" it in to a new cpu
ie "combined cpu A"

well wye dont we let the program write itself?
for instance i would to be set up 3 types of cpu

and each game played by the user multiplayer or singelplayer
would collect game data like
cpu1 effencie 56
rounds lived 39
killed cpu´s = 1
cpu types defeated = GAMBLE
some how il need to come up whit a system that "outnumbers"
or re uses "cpu types"
so afher a match the 3 cpu's combine into one and write the new cpu
wich then will go run in to a new match (since there are 6 ot 8 players in a game)

the 4th cpu will do the same
and this will run on for ages sometimes the cpu will remove its self or "re use"
older cpu modes just to chek if its heading for a good direction.
of coarse there should be some limit to the amount of cpu's and code
anyhow how hard could i make the game any how :P

well just my trinkets of toughs this evening :)

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